Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Toto Award for Creative Writing in Kannada 2019: Call for Applications


Toto Funds the Arts (TFA) invites applications from persons between the ages of 18 and 29, for its 2019 Toto Award for Creative Writing in Kannada in three genres: short plays, short stories and poetry. To mark the fifteenth year of the Toto Awards, the award amount has been raised to Rs 50,000. The winner will be chosen by an independent panel of jurors. Entries should reach TFA by 20 August 2018 at the latest.

The awards are meant only for Indian citizens resident in India (Overseas Citizen of India card-holders are not eligible.)  And, since the spirit of the awards is to identify promising young writers, you are eligible to apply if you were born on or after 1 January 1989. No exceptions will be made.

The hard copy and soft copy of each entry MUST be accompanied by an Application Form, which you can access by clicking here.  You can also request a copy by writing to tfa.kannada@gmail.com. No entry will be accepted without the Application Form, with all particulars filled in, along with your name and signature as it appears in your bank account.

Each entry should be not more than 7,500 words.

If you are submitting poems, please send 6 to 10 poems.

If you are submitting short stories, their combined word length should be between 2,500 and 7500 words. You may, if you wish, send only a single story of 2,500 to 7,500 words.

For plays, you may submit a single play or two or three, but again their combined word length should not exceed 7,500 words.

You can send entries in all three categories — poems, short stories and plays — but you must send in a separate entry for each category. For example, your poems can constitute one entry, your short stories a second, and plays a third. 

Please submit only a typed, not handwritten, copy of your entry or entries. Please state the awards category for which you are applying on the envelope, e.g., Writing-Kannada (poetry) or Writing-Kannada (play) or Writing-Kannada (short story). 

Also ensure that no page of your entry, with the exception of the Application Form and the envelope in which you send your entry, carries your name on it.

Unless you have won this TOTO Award earlier, you are eligible to apply again, but please submit new work for consideration.

Entries should be sent by e-mail (MS word document only) to tfa.kannada@gmail.com. The hard copy should be sent by courier or ordinary post only (and NOT by speed post or registered post) to the address below (the phone numbers supplied are for courier purposes only):  

Toto Funds the Arts (TFA)
H 301 Adarsh Gardens
47th Cross, 8th Block
Bangalore 560 082
Phone 080 26990549/098806 23357

If you have any further queries please email tfa.kannada@gmail.com or call +919844264157

The Fine Print:

Submitted material will not be returned. The decision of the TFA jury will be final and cannot be contested in any forum. We reserve the right to use your submitted writings (if necessary) to publicise the awards either on our blog, website or in any in-house materials. Otherwise, the copyright rests with the writer and your submission will be put to no other use without your express permission.

This award is being supported by Bhoomija Trust, which hosts performing arts programmes across venues in Bangalore, India and abroad.

Toto Funds the Arts is a not-for-profit public trust set up in memory of Angirus ‘Toto’ Vellani, who was intensely passionate about music, literature and films.

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