Monday, March 17, 2014

Reading of New Short Fiction on March 22


A Reading of New Short Fiction

On Saturday, 22 March11 a.m.

At the Jagriti Auditorium, Whitefield

Writer-poet Rihan Najib and theatre actors Anuja Ghosalkar, Anshul Pathak, Vivek Madan and Nakul Bhalla

will read a selection of short stories, some translated from different languages, by Rihan Najib, Irawati Karnik, Sandeep Shikhar, Mounesh Badiger and Kaushik Viswanath  

This reading is anchored by the actor  
Nakul Bhalla

About the writers:  Mounesh Badiger, who is a playwright, short story writer and theatre actor-director, writes in Kannada and won the first TOTO award for Writing in Kannada; Rihan Nagib and Kaushik Viswanath were on the short list of the 2014 Writing in English TOTO Awards; Irawati Karnik is an award-winning playwright and translator who writes in Marathi; and Sandeep Shikhar is a well-known actor-director, playwright, short fiction writer and poet who writes in Hindi.

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