Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jury Citations for Winning and Shortlisted Entries for the Toto Award for Music 2013

The jury for the Toto Award for Music 2013 were

1. Miti Adhikari: Veteran producer/sound-engineer with the BBC over the last three decades, he is originally from Kolkata and has worked with legendary acts such as Nirvana, Radiohead, and Pink Floyd. In recent times, he's been getting very interested in the indie music scene in India. 

2. Uday Benegal: He's the singer front man with one of the first Indian rock bands to make it to the big time in the 90s, Indus Creed. After spending some time as a performing musician in the US, he returned to form the Whirling Kalapas and is now working on new material with Indus Creed. 

Their comments on the winning and shortlisted entries for this award are below:

Adam and the Fish-eyed Poets (Winner)

1. Dark and intense but uplifting music.I would love to see and experience them live.This is more than just music, it fires on many levels.Kishore Krishna …. One of the best rock’n’roll singers I’ve heard …..anywhere.

2. These guys slam. What a great voice and style. My only complaint is that they programmed drums instead of recording a live kit, not a difficult thing to do these days. Usually that’s a big turn-off for me but I dug the material so much that I was willing to look beyond it. This is the kind of stuff that makes indie music so much fun to listen to. It’s visceral and expressive and cathartic. I love the singer as well as the rest of the band—some great ideas there—but next time record live drums, fellers. It’ll take your music to the places it’s meant to go.

Tejas Menon (Special Mention)

When I was asked to write a few lines of a notable contributor who didn’t win this year, I chose to highlight Tejas Menon’s work. I loved listening to Tejas from the moment I hit ‘play’. He has a strong and individual voice as well guitar-playing style. Tejas is still raw in parts…and that’s a good thing. Because his foundation is solid and potential limitless. The more he plays and finds his voice (he already has it but just needs to go deeper, I think), he will be able to forge his craft and a style that will truly be his own.

Blek (Special Mention)

One of the best 3 piece bands in India… Punk attitude with electronic textures… Recalls the best British-bands of the 90’s…”

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