Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jury Citations for Winning and Shortlisted Entries for the Toto Award for Creative Writing (Kannada) 2013

The jurors for the Toto Award 2013 for Creative Writing (Kannada) were well-known writer M.S. Sriram and renowned critic S.R. Vijayashankara.

Below are their comments on the winning and shortlisted entries for the award: 

D.M. Kurke Prashanth (Winner) for his short fiction
The richness of narration tilted the balance towards the final winner. The author has a message to convey, through a fairly simple story. S/he seems to have the innate art of storytelling. There is a good measure of humour, pathos and liveliness and a positive attitude the writing. The story is about a newsreader in a radio station whose voice reminds an old couple about their own son who is away. The relationship that evolves between the newsreader and the family as the story unfolds and the human emotions that are dealt with are interesting and humane. As the writer continues on this literary journey we believe that s/he will also develop the skill of being less explicit, more subtle and also greatly artistic in approach.

Shwetha G.N. (Jury Commendation) for her short fiction

The writer has picked up complex themes and tried to weave them into relevant stories – a larger phenomenon that would affect the immediate. This is something that needs to be seen in full manifestation. S/he seems to believe that fiction could be written with a premeditated conclusion, an act of message giving. We expect this writer to mature into someone using his/her skills to greater artistic purpose.

Smitha Makalli (Jury Commendation) for her poems

The writer's poems have a certain lyrical quality; they examine complex relationships and have good imagery. We feel optimistic that s/he will master the grammar and craft of poetry as s/he matures.

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