Saturday, September 1, 2012

An Evening With Chekhov is back - 6 and 7 Sep @ RS

Who was lifted up to kiss his grandmother in her coffin?
Why should a man need protection from the SPCA?
How many ladies ran out of their homes improperly dressed during the eclipse?
Who locked up the old clown in the theatre?

(three tragi-comedies and a farce)
The Harmfulness of Tobacco
“If you take a fly and put him in a snuff box, he will die, probably from nervous exhaustion.”
A Man with a Violent Temper
“How can you tell a lady you do not love her? That’s as rude as telling an author he can’t write.”
A Reluctant Tragic Hero
“You get so shaken up that your bones ache all night and you dream of crocodiles.”
Swan Song 
“I am like the wind blowing across the lonely fields. I shall die, and no one will remember me.”

Ranga Shankara, September 6 & 7, 7.30 pm
Direction: Anmol Vellani
Cast: Anish Victor, Sachin Gurjale, Ashish D’Abreo, Nakul Bhalla, Sharanya Ramprakash, Prashanth Nair, Ravindra Vijay
Tickets: Rs 100
Available at; (Tel: 39895050);
and Ranga Shankara
Telebooking: Naval Gupta 98868 25084
A Rafiki/Toto Funds the Arts Production

“Marked by Brilliant Performances!” – The Hindu

Toto Funds the Arts and Rafiki will present An Evening with Anton Chekhov at the Ranga Shankara on September 6 and 7. This theatre production throws the spotlight on three of the master playwright’s infrequently performed short plays and one of his short stories, which has been adapted for the stage by the director, Anmol Vellani.
In all these dramatic pieces—which range from uproariously funny to bitter-sweet comedies—male characters rave and rant about their wretched lives, convinced that domineering, deceitful or manipulative women are at the root cause of the unhappy circumstances in which they find themselves. In the process, they come across as timid and gutless, revealing themselves to be as responsible as anything else for their inability to make something of their lives.
Recently performed at the MetroPlus Theatre Festival in Coimbatore, these four short plays—‘Swan Song’, ‘A Reluctant Tragic Hero’, ‘The Harmfulness of Tobacco’ and ‘A Man with a Violent Temper’—are about self-deception and conceit, and our inability to come to terms with the bitter truth about ourselves. 
The instantly recognizable foibles and failings of the characters have been portrayed by Anish Victor, Sachin Gurjale, Sharanya Ramprakash, Nakul Bhalla, Ashish D’Abreo and Ravindra Vijay—a strong cast of actors from two leading English-language theatre groups in Bangalore, Rafiki and Dramanon.

About Rafiki: Rafiki explores theatre for the transformation of self and society. A distinguishing feature is its focus on children and the young. Apart from Bangalore, the group’s productions have been seen in Goa, Pune, Mumbai, Kodaikanal, Ooty, Chennai, Mangalore, Hyderabad and Indonesia. 

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