Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sangam Writing Residency

The Sangam House Writer’s Residency Program in the winter of 2008 is the inaugural undertaking of what will become an on-going annual program in arts and letters located in India. Sangam House will invite approximately twenty writers to live and work on the Adishakti property outside Pondicherry, on the east coast of southern India. Lodging (single rooms) and food will be provided free of charge. Each writer is responsible for travel costs to and from Pondicherry. However, travel funds and bursaries are available through various cultural organizations.

Residencies are structured in 1-3 month intervals, determined by individual needs. We recommend a residence period of no less than 2 weeks for each writer. Of the twenty invited writers, ten will come from the South Asian subcontinent (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka) and ten from other countries around the world. Sangam House is open to writers in all languages. The first winter session will run for approximately three months from mid-November 2008 to mid-February 2009.

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