Monday, August 1, 2016

Toto Music Award 2017: Call for Entries


TOTO FUNDS THE ARTS (TFA) invites entries for its thirteenth TOTO Music Award for young musicians and bands. The winner, to be decided by an eminent panel, will receive a cash award of Rs 60,000. Entries should reach TFA by 19 September 2016.  
The deadline has been extended to 7 October, 2016.
Contemporary original music from all parts of India, in any genre and language, is welcome. In the past TFA has received entries in genres ranging from rock, jazz, heavy metal and electronic to instrumental and folk. Although it is never easy to compare diverse entries, our experience is that talent and potential have a way of standing out regardless. TFA tends to reward music that explores new territory in the Indian music scene in the hope that the recognition and the cash award can help sustain it. The selected jury comprises individuals with experience as well as an open ear for new sounds. 

Only Indian nationals resident in India are eligible for the award. Since the spirit of the award is to identify and encourage young talent, you can apply if you (and band members if any) were born on or after 1 January 1987.

Over the past twelve years, the Toto Music Award has come to be coveted by young musicians because it recognizes excellence. It helps you to see where you stand among the best upcoming musicians in the country, and to get your music heard and appreciated by knowledgeable young music writers as well as veterans in the field. The jury will assess musical content as well as the potential of the artist/band. Professional recording quality is not a requirement but applicants are encouraged to make their tracks sound as good as possible.

How to Apply for the Toto Music Award

The application process is fully online.
  1. Go to:
  2. You will see an application form for the 2017 award.
  3. Artist Details: Fill in all the fields as required so that we have your artist details. 
  4. Music: We require you to submit 3 of your best tracks for review. In order to do this, they must be up on (this is a requirement!) and the form will accept a link for each track.
  5. Pictures: 3 print resolution pictures of the artist/band, if possible in performance will need to be uploaded in the appropriate section of the form.
  6. Samples List: Any audio samples used in your submissions over which you do not own copyright need to be declared in this section.

Further queries:
No queries will be answered on the phone.
Note: The decision of the TFA jury will be final and cannot be contested in any forum.
TOTO FUNDS THE ARTS (TFA) is a not-for-profit public charitable trust set up in memory of Angirus 'Toto' Vellani who was intensely passionate about music, literature and films

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