Wednesday, June 5, 2013

An Evening of Graphic Tales

Toto Funds the Arts (TFA)
in association with the 
British Council Library, Bangalore

is delighted to invite you to an evening of Graphic Tales
Appupen aka George Mathen and Ari Jayaprakash

They will tell us some of their stories from the Legends of Halahala and The Kuru Chronicles and be in conversation with 
Ria Basu

Date and time: Thursday, 13 June 2013, 6.30 p.m.
Venue: The British Council Library, British Library, Prestige Takt,
23 Kasturba Road Cross, Bangalore

George Mathen, who goes by the name of Appupen, is an artist and creator of comics who tells stories from the original mythical world, Halahala. His first graphic novel, Moonward, published by Blaft in 2009, was selected for the 2011 Angouleme festival, France. His second graphic novel, Legends of Halahala was published in January 2013 by Harper Collins, which has called it India's first silent graphic novel. Appupen is currently working on his next graphic novel, Aspyrus.  His commissioned murals and art can also be seen in many cities across India. George is also a founder-member and drummer of the much-loved Bangalore-based band Lounge Piranha.

Currently based in Bangalore, Ari Jayaprakash has lived and worked as an artist and photographer in diverse cities in India and the U.S. His photography and traditional medium (oil/acrylic) work includes reflections on alienation, identity, corruption, oppression and other social commentary. He is the creator and artist behind the graphic novel The Kuru Chronicles, which is spread across 800 pages with the storyline spanning 17 years over 26 chapters. Inspired by art, cinema and music, the Chronicles is set in a parallel dystopian Calcutta and deals with the advent of Kalki and the end of the Kal Yuga, the present age of darkness and vice, as described in the Indian scriptures. 

Ria Basu is a writer who has worked on art, theatre and cinema through different frameworks (like post-colonialism). A graduate from Jadavpur University and a postgraduate from Jawaharlal Nehru University, she was formerly with the editorial team ofTime Out.

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