Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Launch of Zac O'Yeah's Novel 'Mr Majestic, The Tout of Bengaluru'

Toto Funds the Arts
in association with
The British Council Library

is proud to invite you to the launch of  

Zac O’Yeah’s Mr Majestic, The Tout of Bengaluru 

Zac will be in conversation with Sugata Srinivasaraju

Date and Time:  Saturday, 30 March 2013, 6.30 p.m.
Venue:  The British Library, Prestige Takt, 23 Kasturba Road Cross, Bangalore

Zac O’Yeah is the author of Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan (2010) and Mr Majestic (2012) published by Hachette India. He worked in the theatre and music business in Sweden until he retired early, at 25, to come to India. His 12 published books range from bestselling detective fiction to history and travelogue, and he has also translated Indian literature into Swedish. For more information log on to www.zacoyeah.com

Sugata Srinivasaraju is a journalist, writer and translator. He is the editor of the Kannada daily Vijay Karnataka and the weekly newsmagazine Vijay Next. Sugata’s books include Phoenix and Four Other Mime Plays (2005), Keeping Faith with the Mother Tongue (2008) and Pickles from Home: The Worlds of a Bilingual (2012). 

About Mr Majestic  

"Among the many genre pleasures of Mr Majestic! is a redolently pulpy Indian thriller that doubles as authentic Bangalore noir. Zac O'Yeah and Hari Majestic—local firang pulpmeister and international local detective—arrive on the scene of the crime to give us an amusing, zippy, suspenseful mystery that will have you properly sandalwooded and Bangalored, Majestic style." 
—Pradeep Sebastian, author of The Groaning Shelf and Other Instances of Book Love
"Zac O'Yeah's crime fiction is quirky, amusing and teeming with unforgettable characters. A deliciously waggish take on modern India with all its idiosyncrasies and complexities." 
—Tarquin Hall, author of the Vish Puri series
"...your brain will be sharpened, and your gut ought to enjoy the roller-coaster ride." 
"If you enjoy psychedelic writing, with lashings of humour and a satisfying whodunnit all rolled in one, yep, this could be the book for you." 
—Postnoon Newspaper
"It’s a narrative so filmi, you almost expect a song-and-dance sequence. ... a trip worth taking.
—The Indian Express
“A novel set in Bangalore that’s not quite like anything done before in the English language …. gloriously, unabashedly Technicolor with full-on frontal lighting, over-the-top escapades and sheer joy seeping out of every frame….” 
 —Sumana Mukherjee, Outlook Magazine

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