Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TFA Theatre Workshop

Toto Funds the Arts invites you to a one-day theatre workshop to be conducted by Shekhar Seshadri. Based on Augusto Boal's techniques, the workshop will specifically focus on his "Joker System" and culminate in a performance piece for an invited audience.

Shekhar will chose a broad theme for the workshop around which, through the day, there will be scene work, movement, dialogue and image work. As the workshop proceeds, the performance piece will be constucted and linkages established. The "Joker System" itself is based on developing new texts or converting extant texts into performances that follow a series of seven steps: Dedication, Explanation, Scene, Episode, Interview, Commentary, Exhortation.

The workshop attendees need not have any formal theatre or dance experience. The emphasis is more on process than outcome. The final performance is only a bonus.

Date: Sunday October 3

Venue: Centre for Film and Drama, 5th Floor, Sona Towers, Cunningham Road

Fee: Rs 1,400 (includes lunch, tea and dinner)

Maximum number of participants: 25

Send your cheques made out to Toto Funds the Arts, by ordinary post or courier, to Toto Funds the Arts, H-301 Adarsh Gardens, 47th Cross, 8th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore 560082.

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