Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Toto Awards 2021: Programme Schedule and Description, February 5 to 7

Welcome to the TOTO Awards 2021!

Please join us for a weekend of online conversations with shortlisted applicants (who will also present and talk about their work),  past awardees and other artists, culminating in the awards ceremony.

These events will be aired between 5 and 7 February 2021. 

To attend the panel discussions and the awards ceremony, please log on to:

Please find the schedule of events and programme details below.

We hope you will join us on all three days. Your support for the TFA Awards means a lot to us.  Please feel free to ask others to join us as well. The events are open to everyone.


Friday, 5 February, 5 pm

Making Films in the Era of Fake News, Diminishing Democracies and OTT Platforms

Speakers: Kislay, Arun Karthick, Priyanka Chhabra, Pushpa Rawat and Maheen Mirza (on behalf of Ektara Collective)

Moderator:  Basav Biradar

In the last few years, increased polarisation and new divisions—conceived by political forces and propelled by technology—have emerged in India. Social unrest is palpable, with massive public protests about the CAA and the new farming laws. Filmmakers are confronted by ideological battles and chaotic socio-political realities; yet more movies are being made today than ever before. The advent of digital technology and high-speed Internet has eased the movie-making process and created new formats for viewing cinema. And in 2020, the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to rethink the very idea of watching cinema as a collective experience. What does independent filmmaking mean today and how are its practitioners responding to these contemporary realities? Moderated by filmmaker and writer Basav Biradar, invited filmmakers, including two earlier winners of the Toto for Short Film, engage with these questions and more. 

Friday, 5 February, 7 pm

Writing Through the Lockdown

Speakers: Kunjana Parashar, Amulya B, Poorna Swami and Suhasini Patni

Moderator: Arul Mani

Creative writers often thirst for quietude and isolation, but enforced confinement in a pandemic is not what any of them would have wished for. A period that should have catalysed their imagination could not shield them from the disruption and chaos raging outside. Moderated by Professor Arul Mani (Head of the Department of English, St Joseph’s Autonomous College, Bangalore), four young writers shortlisted for the 2021 TOTO Awards for Creative Writing in English speak about what they read (if they could read at all) in a time of disquiet, their choice of language to express particular experiences, their creative process, and how location and environment shaped their writing.

Saturday, 6 February, 5 pm

Night of the Nominee 2021—A Virtual Edition

Speakers and Performers:  Damini Chauhan (Krameri), Saby Singh, Udbhav Acharya and Brij Dalvi (Three Oscillators) 

Host: Natalia Rebecca Isaac

Find out about the TOTO Music Award and get to know the four shortlisted artists this year—Three Oscillators, Krameri, Udbhav and Saby Singh. Learn about the diverse aesthetic, approaches and values that inform their music-making. Listen to each give a live performance and talk about one of their songs, recorded especially for this event, hosted by video and comics creator Natalia Rebecca Isaac.

Saturday, 6 February, 7 pm 

The Photograph as Document: Expressing the Self or Evoking the Subject? 

Speakers: Hari Sai Srikar, Nilargha Chatterjee, Sharan Devkar Shankar and Subhajit Naskar

Moderator: Anshika Varma

Photographers offer an interpretation of reality that often springs from personal experience. Documentary photography, however, raises questions about representation and collaboration. While objectification confronts ethical and political issues, are there limits to collaboration between the photographer and the subject? Does documentary photography exacerbate the tension between the need for personal expression and the obligation to capture how the subject experiences the world or would like to be represented? Four photographers shortlisted for the TOTO Awards 2021 speak with Anshika Varma (photographer, curator and founder of Offset Projects) about their understanding of the personal and collaborative nature of photography and also share their shortlisted work. 

Sunday, 7 February, 5 pm

New Writing in Kannada

Speakers: Snehajaya Karanth, Sandeep Eshanya, Amulya B, Deepa Ganesh and H. Dandappa

Moderator: Vivek Shanbhag

What's new in Kannada poetry and fiction? Listen to three young writers shortlisted for the 2021 TOTO Award for Creative Writing in Kannada as they enter a discussion moderated by novelist and playwright Vivek Shanbhag. The conversation also features this award’s jury members, well-known critic H. Dandappa and translator, editor and author Deepa Ganesh. The shortlisted writers speak about their approach to writing and the challenges they face in current times, and read excerpts from their entries, while the jurors discuss new writing in Kannada with specific reference to the entries for this year’s award.

Sunday, 7 February, 7 pm

The TOTO Awards 2021

The TOTO Awards, now in its seventeenth year, celebrates emerging artistic talent in India. There are eight awards to be won—two for English Creative Writing, one for Kannada Creative Writing, two for Photography, two for Short Film and one for Music. Every winner will receive a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and a handsome trophy, except the winner of the Music Award, who will receive Rs 60,000. Witness the work of all writers, photographers, filmmakers and musicians shortlisted for the 2021 TOTO Awards and discover the names of the winners.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Toto Award for Music 2021: Shortlist

Four entries, from a record 292 applications, have been shortlist for the 2021 Toto Award for Music. The names of the shortlisted musicians/bands, in alphabetical order, are:

1. Krameri  (Vadodara)

2. Saby Singh  (Jammu)

3. Three Oscillators (Mumbai)

4. Udbhav (New Delhi)

TFA congratulated the shortlisted musicians and wishes them all the best. The winner, who will receive a cash award of Rs 60,000 and a handcrafted trophy, will be revealed at an online awards ceremony in February 2021.


Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Toto Awards for Photography 2021: Shortlist

Four applicants have been shortlisted for the 2021 Toto Awards for Photography. Their names (in alphabetical order) are:

1. Hari Sai Srikar, Hyderabad 

2. Nilargha Chatterjee, Kolkata

3. Sharan Devkar Shankar, Chennai

4. Subhajit Naskar, Kolkata

The two winners, selected by a three-member jury, will receive a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and a handcrafted trophy. Their names will be announced at an online awards ceremony in February 2021.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Toto Award for Kannada Creative Writing 2021: Shortlist

Three writers have been shortlisted for the 2021 Toto Award for Creative Writing in Kannada. Their names (in alphabetical order) are:

1. Amulya B (Bengaluru)

2. Sandeep Eshanya (Mysuru)

3. Snehajaya Karanth (Bengaluru)

TFA congratulates the shortlisted writers and wishes them the very best. The winner, selected by a three-member jury, will be announced at an online awards ceremony in February 2021. She or he will receive a cash prize of Rs 50,000 and a hand-crafted trophy.